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Epistemology: Its Social Relevance









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Workshop with Veli Mitova,
African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
, University of Johannesburg


"White Ignorance Undermines Internalism about Epistemic Blame"
University of Zurich, 13th May 2022


According to the standard story about blame, non-culpable ignorance is an excuse: if I don’t know that the drink I am giving you contains poison, I am blameless for poisoning you. White ignorance—the oppressor’s ignorance of the experiences of the oppressed—shares a surprising number of features with this kind of case despite being a clearly culpable form of ignorance. For instance, it is typically invisible to its owner, rendering her ignorant of its epistemic and moral harms. This makes the standard blame-story unable to account for the very real intuition that white ignorance is both morally and epistemically blameworthy. In this talk, I focus on epistemic blame. I first draw on the epistemic-excuses literature to argue that white ignorance is epistemically blameworthy. I then show that we can only make sense of this claim if we reject the reasons-internalism implicit in the standard story about epistemic blame.

Masterclass with Mark Schroeder,
University of Southern California

"Reasons, Beliefs, and Persons"

University of Zurich, 16th-17th May 2022

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"Value of Irrationality" workshop

University of Zurich

31st August-2nd September 2021

Masterclass with Mark Schroeder (cancelled due to Covid)

University of Zurich

6-7th May 2020


"Rationality: what's good, what's bad"

Workshop with Veli Mitova

University of Zurich

5th December 2019


Marie van Loon

Melanie Sarzano

Sebastian Schmidt

David Scholtz

Inken Titz

Masterclass with Helen Steward

University of Zurich

21-22nd November 2019

To see the detailed program of the masterclass click here.

“The Ontology of Epistemic Reasons”


University of Basel

14th June 2017


Guest speakers:

Veli Mitova 

Davide Fassio

To see the detailed program of the workshop click here

"Self-Deception: what it is and what it's worth"


University of Basel 

25-27th October 2017


Neil Van Leeuwen

Christine Tappolet

Elisabeth Pacherie

Dana Nelkin

Alfred Mele

Keith Frankish

To see the detailed program of the workshop click here.


"Beliefs that Feel Good" workshop

University of Basel 

16-17th December 2015


Susanna Rinard

Quassim Cassam

Anneli Jefferson 

Federico Lauria

To see the detailed program of the workshop click here.


Master Seminar "Aberrant Beliefs"

University of Basel 

Autumn 2015


Federico Lauria

Kathy Puddifoot

Richard Dub

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