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Benoit Gaultier, Dr.



Areas of specialisation

  • Epistemology

  • Pragmatism


Areas of competence

  • Philosophy of mind

  • Philosophy of action

  • Metaphysics

  • Peircean studies

Curriculum vitae


10/2018 – 09/2019

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Zurich


Since 2015

Director of the Epistemology Research Group (GRÉ) of the Chair in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge, Collège de France, Paris


2016 – 2018

Lecturer, University of Aix-Marseille, France


2014 – 2015

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Helsinki (DiaMind project)


2011 – 2013

ATER (Lecturer), Chair in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge, Collège de France, Paris


2011 – 2013

Postdoc affiliate, Jean Nicod Institute, Paris


2004 – 2011

PhD in Philosophy (graduated with highest honors), Jean Nicod Institute & Univ. Paris-Est: Théorie et pratique dans la tradition pragmatiste. Supervisor: Claudine Tiercelin

Selected publications



Gaultier, B. (2021).  "When Is Epistemic Dependence Disvaluable?" Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 10, 178-187.

Gaultier, B. (2021).  "God and the Girl"; Philosophia, Philosophical Quarterly of Israel, 49, 999-1005.

Gaultier, B. (2020). Responsibility For Doxastic Strength Grounds Responsibility For Belief

The Ethics of Belief and Beyond, Understanding Mental Normativity, S. Schmidt and G. Ernst (eds.) Abingdon: Routledge: 71–85.


Gaultier, B. (2019). On the Alleged Normative Significance of a Platitude

Ratio, 32, 1: 42–52.


Gaultier, B. (2017). A Neglected Ramseyan View of Truth, Belief, and Inquiry

Journal of Philosophy, 114, 7: 366-380.


Gaultier, B. (2017). The Iconicity of Thought and its Moving Pictures: Following the Sinuosities of Peirce’s Path

Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, 53, 3: 374-399.


Gaultier, B. (2017). Epistemic Value: The Insufficiency of Truth

American Philosophical Quarterly, 54, 3: 303-313.


Gaultier, B. (2017). Skills, Procedural Knowledge, and Knowledge How

Synthese, 194, 12: 4959-4981.


Gaultier, B. (2016). Thought experiments and knowledge of metaphysical modality

Grazer Philosophische Studien 93, 4: 525-547.


Gaultier, B. (2014). Achievements, Safety, and Environmental Epistemic Luck

Dialectica 68, 4: 477-497.


Gaultier, B. (2014). An Argument Against the Possibility of Gettiered Beliefs

Logos and Episteme 5, 3: 265-275.


Qu’est-ce que le pragmatisme? Vrin: Paris, 2016.

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