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Artūrs Logins, Dr.


  • Epistemology

  • Metaethics

  • Philosophy of language

You can find Artūrs' personal website here and PhilPapers page here.


Curriculum vitae

Since 2020

SNSF Ambizione Fellow in the project Graded Epistemology (Principal Investigator), University of Zurich


Selected publications


Logins, A. (forthcoming). Evidence and Emotions: The Problem of Propositional Justification, American Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.

Logins, A., Jacques Vollet. (forthcoming) . Putting Knowledge to Work: New Directions for Knowledge-First Epistemology, edited volume under contract with Oxford University Press.

Logins, A. (2022). Normative Reasons: Between Reasoning and Explanation, monograph under contract with Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy series). Open access available here.

Hawthorne, J. & Logins, A. (2021). “Graded Epistemic Justification”, Philosophical Studies 178, 1845-1858,

Logins, A. (2021). "How to Argue with a Pragmatist", Inquiry,


Logins, A. (2021). "Persistent Burglars and Knocks on Doors: Causal Indispensability of Knowing Vindicated", European Journal of Philosophy,

Logins, A. (2020). Two-state solution to the lottery paradox. Philosophical Studies 177, 3465–3492.


Logins, A. (2020). Is an increase in probability always an increase in evidential support ? Erkenntnis, 1-25. 

Logins, A. (2020). Normative Reasons Without (Good) Reasoning

Ethics, 130:2, 208-210.

 Logins, A. (2018). Subjective Unpossessed Reasons

Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, 7: 262–270.


 Logins, A. (2017). Common Sense and Evidence: Some Neglected Arguments in Favour of E=K.

Theoria, 83 (2): 120–137.

 Logins, A. (2016). Necessary truths, evidence, and knowledge

Unisinos Journal of Philosophy 17(3):302-307.

 Logins, A. (2016). Save the children!

Analysis 76 (4): 418-422.

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