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Selected publications



Radical Scepticism, Stereotypes and the Practical Stance

ed. N. Pedersen, Brill Studies in Skepticism, a supplement to the International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, forthcoming.

The Reasons Responsiveness Account of Doxastic 

Responsibility and the Basing Relation

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The Consequential Conception of Doxastic ResponsibilityTheoria, 83:1, 4-28, 2017.

The Legitimacy of Intellectual Praise and Blame

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Epistemic Emotions: a Natural Kind? Epistemic Emotions

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The Value Problem of Knowledge: an Axiological Diagnosis of the Credit Solution

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Knowledge Is Extrinsically Apt Belief Virtue Epistemology and the Temporal Objection

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The Normative Ground of the Evidential Ought

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